When Is The Right Time To Give Up?

They say quitters never win and winners never quit! Fine, what if it takes a lifetime to wait for that something to win only to find out you are waiting for nothing, would you still keep that saying in your heart.

Quitters never win and winners never quit, this saying is famous and applicable in the world of sports. An athlete who is always positive never quits not because he or she wants to win, but quitting means the end of his or her career. A person who wants to achieve something also have this saying “where there is life, there

is hope” therefore, while he or she is still breathing they never stops dreaming and pursue their goal. However, for a heart that hopes for a promise to fulfill, where does the saying goes “promises are made to be broken” ends? What lies ahead for a heart that never knows when he or she should stop hoping for a promise that is meant to be broken?

When is the right time to say, “I

give up”? Who knows the right time, but the heart that keeps holding on? What if, the moment you give up and say, “I quit” the person showed up. There are promises that worth holding on and there are promises that need to ignore. You should know the person who made a promise, you must listen to your inner mind how much you trust that person as well. If you believe the person only waits for the right timing, then hold on. If you have faith with the person then, you must take the word by heart. Belief believes for something you have seen, while faith is hoping for the unseen. Therefore, you should learn how to distinguish your belief from faith. That will give you security whether to wait or give up the person who made a promise.



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