Mother Nature Speaks Through Calamities

Calamities, tragedies caused by nature are very disastrous. Not even the latest technology is enough to save us from this devastation.



She gives us air,
Factories pollute its freshness.
She gives us water,
Modern technologies diluted its pureness.
She gives us trees,
Real state owner hacked down the mountains.


People ask the nature for these tragedies,
 Supposed to be, it should be her asking why.
Why blame the nature for being so cruel,
Have you ever consider her feelings when you

started damaging her form?
She begged for her privacy and little respect,
No one among you ever tried to speak for her rights.


Now you have the guts to ask her why,
Why not ask yourself for being greedy,
Being mean and selfish all the time.
She is alone, compared to a billion

people around the globe.
Yet she is powerful than your latest invention.
She strikes beyond your knowledge, beyond your control.


You think you are smart, intelligent and famous.
Do you know when to face the nature when she is angry and furious?
 When her belly swells with fire ready to explode,
Do you know when her tears will sweep away a city or a country?
Or when her voice will shake the ground and swallow a whole continent,
And when she loses her patience, what more she could do; anyone can imagine?

Article Written By juny

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