When I Sing For You - A Poem

Songs always has a story behind each lyrics and melody.


Why do we hum a tune subconsciously when we are in love, or when we are inspired? I wonder why Love comes in tune or a melody unheard literally, but heart can hear without any accompaniment.
I t made our heart sing a song, that only angels can sing without a word or notes written.
Have you ever experienced like this? Or are you deaf not to hear the voices whispering “I love you” the first time I cast my eyes on you.




Sitting in front my piano, I wrote this song for you.
Striking on the keyboard, my melody is you.
Writing on the paper, the lyrics becomes you.
This song is all about my love for you.


I hum the tune and my voice comes from you.
I sang the stanza and the chorus with you.
The adlib pauses when

coda reached by you.
The whole song is all about, me and you.


Sing for me, and I will sing for you.
Bring my voice to the highest tune, pitched by you.
The orchestra will follow, lead by you.
This song is dedicated only for you.


I started to sing, song ended by you.
The audience applauded, praising you.
The curtain falls, the show ends with you.
This song is in memory of you.



6-14-2012 1:41am Thursday 

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