When I Found Someone New - A Poem

When love found someone new would it be the same? When someone found new love, would it be a stranger feeling?


Now you’re gone and I am alone
I pretend what is done is done
But deep inside my heart cry
You were the only one I knew


If I should love again
Would it be the same?
If I found someone new
Would it be a strange feeling?


When I hold him

Shall I make believe that it’s you?
When I kiss his lips
Shall I keep loving you?


I keep remembering all day
The times when we are free
You want me now and then
And I want you for me and forever


All the nights I think of you
While I’m lying next to you
And you are singing our love song
I swear this is true


If I found

someone new
Would it be like our nights together?
If I should love again
Would it be forever or would it be the same story


It would be make believe if I wish someone like you
It would be something new if I say I don’t love you
It would be strange if I say I won’t love again
It is not me when I say I don’t pretend it would be you.


5:00am Saturday


Article Written By juny

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