When Husband Becomes The Homemaker

When husband do the house chores does it mean he is not a real man, or it makes him the real tough guy?

When husband do the house chores does it mean he is not a real man, or it makes him the real tough guy?

This is not about culture not a tradition if husband can do household chores or become a homemaker. Therefore, I want to be specific with this subject not to create issue or any debate. Here in my country husband can be a homemaker. The society admires a husband who knows how to cook, wash the dishes or do the laundry. Cleaning the house is very common, babysitting is not a question and now more husband are pushing cart

at grocery stores. Husband as homemakers is now a trend and housewife become the breadwinner.

This is not the tradition that I have known before. Husband stands for head of the family, a breadwinner. While housewife takes care the responsibilities at home and the kids. Everything changed when housewives starts to work overseas due to unemployment of husbands. It takes time before

the family and society digest the overturn of this reality. Later on, this kind of situation becomes normal scenery in half of the households’ whole population in my country. The husbands as the homemaker or both are doing household chores.

So, if you haven’t visited my country and you are not used to see men doing household chores, don’t be surprised. At home, you can see men wearing apron, babysitting or maybe hanging newly washed clothes. At the malls, you might saw men pushing a cartload of groceries, pushing a baby stroller or if you are lucky enough, you will see men changing their baby diapers at the changing nappy corner. If ever you see a man with groceries at one hand and a toddler on the other hand, it means, he is a total homemaker and his wife the breadwinner. (^_*)

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