When Death Comes…to You And Me.

One hardest word to say is, “my condolences”.
How can I say it without hurting your feelings my dear one.
Death of a love one is never a word we want to hear,
Never a joke we want to talk with anybody else’s.
Yet it’s reality that we have to face, we need to accept and we must admit.


Why? If a sister/brother died. Why? You have no one to bully or fight?
Why? My son or daughter when there are older ones who are more qualified to die.
Why? If any of our grandparents die. Why? Are they still young

to die?
Why? If a good friend dies. Why? You forgot to say he or she is the best among your friends?
Why? If an enemy died. Why? You forgot to say sorry the last time you argued?


You fainted when your wife or husband die. Why?
You forgot to show him/her, he/she completed your life.
Your tears never run dry when a parent died. Why?
You forgot to say “I love you mom/dad” when you still have the chance.
Wipe your tears, dead will never see your regrets and it is too late.


Death comes unexpectedly, like a thief in the night it will rob you from sleep.
Like a snatcher that will snatch you from this temporary world of happiness.
It’s like a remote control, with one button, it will pause you to stop breathing.
Like a passing wind, death will breathed you with a poison from his glare.
Stop worrying, forget fear. Everyone will die, none will be spared.


Before it is too late, say you love your parents, hugs your friends.
Embrace your grandparents, you are too lucky to have seen them aged.

your husband or wife, make him/her feel what is life without him/her.
Pamper your kid/s, they will never stay small and soon they’ll leave.
Make amends with your enemy, make friends with your brother and sister.


Life is like a shadow, you’re seeing it now, and vanished in a wink.
Like a smoke, that will pass within a second it fades.
Life and death are twins whether we accept, but a truth that cannot be denied.
In this world no one will stay and live forever, yet the word forever remain it’s meaning.
Because life is short, life is worthy, life is a miracle.


Death hurts, death is cruel. But death is to rest and the best escape.
For unfortunate being who never experienced luxury, justice or peace.
Death is sweet for the ones who are betrayed, and never wants to hang themselves.
Death is scary, yet a comfort to the hungry body and ravaged souls.
A sweet surrender to the Maker of earth, the Creator of you and me.

Now, do you still have fear for death, scared of it?


6-12-2012 2:00am Tuesday 

Article Written By juny

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