What Would You Choose Shoes Or Feet?

This is not all about shoes and feet, but total choices in life that we must think for a moment. People complaining so many things and never been contented with what they have.

Everyone has dreams, wishes, likes, wants and needs in this life. Some want to travel to different places. Others are fond with dresses, shoes and other material things. This technology never stops coming out with innovation and made people go crazy to grab the latest trend. These craze never ends with gadgets, but also with foods. New tastes, new looks, attractive presentation from menu that are truly mouth

watering and too hard to resist. Is there anything left simple when everything seems to be complicated these days? Perhaps people never find contentment and are asking, waiting for new changes to see. Does everyone become greedy that simple things are not enough to make us happy?

I want to cite this simple example, what would you choose “a shoes or feet”? Anyone may raise an eyebrow with such a question. So simple and may sound ridiculous to you. However, come to think of it, if you will be given only two choices in this life what would you choose among the two? Probably everyone will choose feet. What would you do with a

pair of shoes if you do not have feet right? Why people keep buying so many things, keep changing gadgets each time there is a new release in the market. Too many out there who are not contented with what they have and still keep complaining. While there are many people who doesn’t even know that these technology exists but are happy with the simple life they have.

Sometimes I think what if everyone has deformities, would it make everyone’s life simple. I also have dreams in this life, places that I want to visit and gadgets that I want to own one. But never thought of lending money just to have any of my wishes come true and end up stressing myself with debts, bills, notice from law offices. Isn’t the more we head to advancement, the more we are making our life complicated as well? Why make your life complicated when simple things are not hard to find and achieved? When happiness doesn’t always mean spending money or new gadget to show, not a dress to display and not a car to race with death.

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