Whatís Behind The Magic Of Internet Or Online Relationship?

There are different stories about internet relationship and this is very common nowadays. It’s not even unusual to hear broken promises, negative feedback about this kind of relationship. Some are lucky to meet their lifetime partner but most ended with a broken heart and tears. Internet or online relationship becomes a fad not only for the young generation but also for those young at hearts.


There arise the question, is there any magnetic force behind internet or online relationship?


Aside from the fact that most women become a victim of exploitation through different dating sites, why there are still a lot of

women who never give up? There are cases of women abused and become sex slaves after their foreign husband brings them abroad. Some women are use for pornography and later killed by their own foreign husband to claim insurances. These are only few cases of unfortunate fate, some are still un-earthen and some remain a mystery.


Of course

victims are not only women but there are also men who fall as prey. Mostly men are cheated by smart young girls who ask pre-nuptial agreement. After certain years this smart wife then files a divorce according to her plan. After she claimed her part of her husband’s wealth, she will start to hunt for the next prey and do the same technique. It looks like a business, easy money business using her beauty and charm to cheat.


What really drives people to try indulging themselves to such kind of relationship?
Was it for fun, adventure, luck, fate and destiny, or just plain stupidity?



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