What Makes A Heart Turned Into A Stone?

Too much pain caused by someone, or by people around makes one heart turned into a stone. When it happens, a person tends to become hater and hardly trust someone, not even the one they once love and adore. Not even the person whom they have once trusted their life.

What makes a heart turned into stone? If you haven’t had a broken heart, you might not understand why some people become hater, woman hater, man hater and it seems their heart turned into a stone. Although not everyone who experienced having a broken heart or failed relationship becomes a hater,

there are few who have the tendency of turning his or her heart into a stone. No, it is not their choice, it comes naturally, and it comes suddenly without any warning. They woke up one day with no feelings, no more tears but shallow and emptiness inside of them.

No one wish to have such feelings, no one wants to have a stone heart. I knew it, because I have been there once. It is a sudden feeling of numbness; I just woke up one day feeling

empty and feeling lost. I wanted to cry but tears run dry, I wanted to sob but my heart seems get tired. I live each day with a heavy heart, a stone heart, broken and damned. It is like living in a world of myth and puzzles. It is like watching myself on a big screen from a movie theater, with a scripted life and puppets around me. It was like an unending nightmare of shadows chasing me without a face.

What makes a heart turned into a stone? The pain of rejection caused by someone you love and trusted your life. An unbearable heartache of being ignored and taken for granted. When your heart stops understanding and when your mind stops asking why. When all of your questions seem left unanswered and you are left alone in the darkness. All of these things cause the heart to turn into a stone, as cold as ice yet hard to melt due to flaring hatred.

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