What Makes A Greatest Warrior Fall On His Knees?

Warriors no matter how tough they are, bended their knees before engaging in any combat, because deep inside their hearts, they know there is unseen power more mightier than they are. However, don’t you know there is one more reason that makes a warrior fall on his knees and cry?

Even the greatest warrior whispers a prayer in his heart, because every warrior also has fears. You have pictured a great warrior dressed in shining armor, fearless, well equipped and looks undefeated, but you never know how a warrior defeat his own fears. You always believed that warriors are tough physically

and emotionally but you are wrong. Maybe, a warrior is strong, tough and merciless in the battleground, however, when it comes to love; even the toughest warrior will fall on his knees. A warrior also drops his sword when no one is around. Love can make a greatest warrior run home and cry, because deep inside that armor, there is a child. A great warrior also has a love story to
tell aside from all the battle in the warzone.

If a warrior, tough, well trained, proven stable and ready to fight anytime in every war or battle yet bended his knees and whispers a prayer in his heart for guidance; what more strength a fragile heart needs to struggle from a broken heart? Did you ever think that a great warrior fall in love and broke his heart once in this life? You never knew and you never imagine a warrior crying in a corner or singing a love song. Behind the iron suit, there lies a heart of a normal person who also fall in love beyond his control. A warrior who fearless fought and mercilessly killing his foes, yet, never knows how to fight with his heart. Therefore, never wonder why people cry when they hear the word goodbye from someone they love.


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