Apple Logo And Steve Jobs

The Apple Logo is a very simple logo. An apple with a bite and it remains unnoticed until Steve Job’s death and one student create a new design to pay tribute to Apple founder Steve Job.


A student from Hongkong came up with the idea when Steve Job resigned, but the photo creates a great attention on Steve’s death. Mark 19, a Hongkong student from Polytechnic University School of Design an unknown graphic designer, designed a silhouetted profile of Steve in the Apple company logo. And then, nearly as fast Mark found himself a hit in cyber world.

The design spread

like wildfire on the net, drawing hundreds of thousands of posts, and even commemorative caps and t-shirts are on sale. The logo was even used as the twitter profile for Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher.

“It’s been a crazy day for me, Mark said.

I am both excited and terrified”

Mark received jobs offer because of the designed.

Mark first created the design after Job’s resigned from the company last August. But, it only made a big hit when he reposted it last Thursday October 6, 2011 following Steve Job’s death.
“It’s just this quiet realization that Apple is missing a piece and implying Steve Job’s absence”
What if Steve Job did not bite the apple, does the logo will still be a big hit with a full apple shape?


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