What A Girl Wants For A Special Date

February is month of love, dating, loving, mating and whatever “ing” but please no crying and regretting!

Guys do you know what your girl wants for a date? I will give some tips depending on each characteristic. Yes, it depends on your girl’s character, as we know that a girl differs from each other, such as likes, types and trip.

Let me start with the conservative type:

She will likely want a cozy dinner with candle light and live band playing. Not a rock band, but a piano or a violin playing instrumental songs will do. Do not forget the roses and

chocolates. Oh, the gift of course and please, forget those surprises like hiding the ring, necklace or whatever jewelry inside the cake, she might choke to death; poor you are, you will end up in jail.

The demure(?) type (half conservative- half game)

Consider a beach date, obviously a night swimming. Dinner under the moonlight is so romantic and perfect to start flirting. The sea waves will stand for background music while feeling the see breeze. Well, you must know when to strike, make sure your every steps is accurate or else you will end up drowning yourself to the beach (lols)

The hard to get type ( this is kinda expensive)

A private cruise or yacht will surely impress this kind of girl. Don’t think again about surprises like hiding

the jewelry in a cake. Hand her over the heart of the sea diamond and I promise she will say “yes” before you could ever ask her anything. A reminder, when you give her the jewelry make sure you are in a safe place, or else you will see yourself swimming once she jump on you and you lost your balance. That will be no problem if you know how to swim.

The game type (hot and always on the go)

It’s your choice where to bring her. She’s a game anyway, and not a choosy. This kind of girl is easy to please and not much hassle. But, again, take note, yes, make sure you are the only date she has on that night!

Does your girl belong to any of these types? If ever I never mentioned the type of girl you have, well, sorry, I cannot help you with your date. Anyway, I am giving you tips while I don’t even have a date for myself, duh!

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