What Is Emptiness?

Once emptiness fills your heart everything becomes meaningless and emotionless. Suddenly you are like a living painting, smiling expressionless.

Emptiness is when you feel nothing inside, nothing hurts, no happiness, no confusions, no worries, no conflict, no nothing at all. Imagine a painting or pictures of different faces with different expressions. A picture of people laughing or crying without a sound, you understand those expressions but you did not actually feel the real emotion. Same thing with emptiness, you can laugh, you can cry but you never know the reason why.

Emptiness is absence of feelings. You don’t know the worth

of any love shown or a precious gift anymore because you do not know what the value of appreciation. You are living like a robot programmed to act according to the owner’s manual and description. Emotionless doing things without caring what is wrong and what is right. Smiling expressionless just imitating what you sees from other faces.

At least you are not

hypocrite or a great pretender. You are an unfortunate victim of complicated situation that your fragile soul cannot hold anything more. Emptiness seems to be the best escape temporarily from misery and the cruelty of the real world. You choose to embrace the emptiness than hating anyone who misspelled a promise and dumped your heart mercilessly.

The moment you realize you are not a fool, you can tell everyone that emptiness is a place where there is eternity. Because, emptiness shows a place where there is peace away from any disturbance of unimportant feelings. With emptiness you find solace from cheaters and professional liars who made you believe of make believe. Emptiness teaches you to forgive people even though they never ask forgiveness.

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