What Do You Know About Respect?

Respect is regardless of age, status, color, race, religion, culture of belief. But, one must show respect first before demanding others to do.

The awkward moment is when someone demands a respect but he/she never knows how to respect the others. Lately I have learned from a friend that in their culture elders never ask forgiveness to their children and older people do not ask apology to younger ones. I was amazed but then I must respect their culture whether I agree or not, my opinion doesn’t matter. Even individual person living in same place has different opinion when it comes

to a particular subject. So what would we expect from a nation or the whole world itself.

Respect is giving consideration to others. Being old or being an elder doesn’t mean you are always right, that your opinion, suggestion and idea must be followed by the younger generation. Sometimes an innocent child who reasoned out

for a mistake done is more logical than an adult who lied to hide his/her wrongdoings. Age is not a basis for “respect”. It is more honorable for an older person who admit his/her mistake without saving any pride than those elders who strictly demand for respect but never admit their proven faults.

Respect is a special regard of deference regardless of status. A ruler who lawfully follows his rules is undoubtedly a righteous leader. Respect must be granted appropriately to any deserving individual and not because they possess a higher position in the society. Even criminals deserve proper respect until proven guilty. Respect earned means how do you respect the others even the lowly citizen or the youngest amongst strangers.


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