What Cures A Stonehearted Person Or A Woman And Man Hater?

Woman or man haters are the ones who experienced heartache, cheating and betrayal. People who lost their trust when it comes to loving someone due to past experiences. Is there any cure or any solution for them to love and trust once again?

It takes time to heal a broken heart but it takes almost a lifetime to melt a stonehearted person. Maybe some lost their hope and stopped trying to risk trusting and loving someone again. We cannot blame or judge them; we never knew how much pain they’ve been through. We never knew what made them stop trying that

they never want to risk anymore. Some do not even want to talk about love, as if love is the most disgusting word or the last word they want to hear in their lives.

They are called haters, woman or man haters. Do they keep the hatred in their hearts; or might be their hearts stopped beating in the name of love?

It doesn’t mean they keep the hatred, I am sure they were able to moved on. They have forgiven the person who caused them pain, yet, they do not trust anyone to love again. They never want to risk once more because they never want to go through same pain. The battle seems to be

a life struggle for them and they never wish to try, it might cause their own life the next time they fall down. That is why they prefer to keep their heart cold and hard like a stone rather then living in hatred. Some survive and revive their hearts from being a stone back to reality; some remain until their dying day.

What cures a stonehearted heart back to life? It is love, it is love that caused them that way, and it is love that brings them back to reality. It takes a lot of courage to take one more risk and determination to trust one more time. It is like a brave soldier going back to battle after a life struggle, like a hero willing to die the second time. Love hurts, love is sweet, love can bring someone back to life and love can kill someone many times. Love can make a bad person turn into a saint and love can mold a saint into a beast. So what cures a stonehearted heart? Is there any powerful than the word LOVE?



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