Surprise Gift Is Not Everyday

My son thought it is something material he can play and too excited to know what is in the box and he was surprised when he hears a sound.

My daughter arrived home with a box inside a plastic bag and called her youngest brother. Jan comes out from my bedroom where he is sleeping, and sleepily asked his sister why. Angee showed him the box and said, “this is for you”. Jan’s eyes become wide and want to grab the box from his sister, but Angee is too alert to hide the box on her back. Jan wanted to throw

tantrums and said, “why did you wake me up if you do not want to give me that gift. Maybe that is not mine, maybe that is yours and you only want me to envy”.

Angee now feels

compassion, give the box to her brother. Jan reached the box with ear stretched smiles. He took out the box from the plastic bag and he was surprised to see it does not have a wrapper. Okay, kids expect a gift with a wrapper always. Then we hear a sound, “meowww”, Jan screamed!

A kitten! …. A kitten!
He opened the box with too much delight and a cute, white with orange spots kitten revealed.
Now, we have one problem.
Everyone wants to give the kitten a name.
My three kids are fighting what name to give.
Can you suggest any name guys?
The kitten is a female.

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