What About Tomorrow?

How long you’ve been laughing today reminiscing yesterday, have you ever thought what about tomorrow? Have you ever thought of loving me?


Have you ever been thinking lately about life?
Of thing you have seen and thing you haven’t done
Do you always believe in your mind?
Or do you hate to know how the night end after the day


Have you ever slept in the rain or play

in the sun?
Hanging around with friends where time seems never ends
Sitting under the moonlight, counting sheep
And hoping a falling star to wish


The day passes by so quickly you never felt
While talking about dreams and broken promises
Even time knows the cold air in your wings
Never knows what tomorrow may brings


Yes, what about tomorrow?
It’s really sweet to love someone
Someone who cares

and shares around
And lie when caught cheating with a fire


Though life’s has been good to you
There’s still so much things to do
Like sailing away or raise a family
To cross the mountain where valleys end to the sea


How long it’s been since you dream about tomorrow
How long it’s been yesterday since you last prayed
And play with the warriors who dances in spree
What about tomorrow ever thought of loving me?


1:58am Monday

Article Written By juny

Last updated on 11-07-2016 82 0

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