We Are No Good Without Each Other

Why do good times never last long when there is always a way to make everything finally right? Why turn today into yesterday when tomorrow has to pass before the future comes. Why not give our all, don’t worry if it have been too much, rather than turning love into goodbyes.


They say that happiness seems to pass so fast when sadness comes.
 They say happy memories are shadowed with sorrow when there is pain.
 Why do good times never last for long?
We might ask where did we gone wrong after giving our best.
When suddenly everything seems not right

after a good night kiss,
After a warm embrace, the next day turns into yesterday.
When the bright day suddenly becomes cloudy and the sun refused to shine.
Is there any way to make everything finally right?
When the other person never respond to do the other act?

I want to understand the sudden change of

From a sweet loving, to temperamental moody you become.
It seems I am blowing whatever you are doing and it always comes back to goodbye.
Can’t we find a way to make everything finally right, like what we did the last time?
Why can’t you admit that, we’re no good without each other,
And you want the magic to last forever.
You know I did my best and I can’t no longer take one better step.
Just hold me and love will bring us back to where we are before.
Because, we are not getting anywhere without each other.



2:34am Wednesday

Article Written By juny

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