Watching A Scene From A Movie Is Far Different From Real Life Experience

Have you ever cried while watching a sad or tragic movie? Have you ever felt the fear while watching a horror, crime or disaster scene from a movie? Do you believe it is the same feeling in real life?

Sometimes we easily assumed things even though it never happens to us in real life. When we heard someone committed a suicide because of a broken heart, we judge the person and give our comment easily as if our judgment is always right. We can say it is stupidity to commit suicide just because of a broken heart, but who are we

judge the person who suffered the real event. We can say what we want to say but the truth is, we will never get to know the real feeling unless we experience it in real. We can always assume, but we do not have the right to judge the person according to our own feelings.

We also judge a person who looks over-acting when someone they love dies. We are annoyed when a person cried aloud during a funeral. We sometimes raise eyebrows when a person faint after hearing their loved ones had an accident. We can laugh

at people who jump and cry when seeing their beloved coming out from the airport after working for many years from overseas. We can mock by puckering our lips when we saw someone screaming seeing a house burning a kilometer away. Yes, we can always say our opinion and discuss every matter of it, but we will never understand why people act that way until it will happen to us.

Let us avoid jumping into conclusion or putting ourselves into someone’s shoe. We might feel scared, shock, pain or desperation. However, the intensity is not the same with how it is in real event. How the pain strike once you lost a beloved someone. The happiness when your loved ones coming back home after a long time. What is the real feeling when facing unexpected disaster, or how scary it is when you experience being trapped alone inside the elevator? Therefore, better, we keep our thoughts for ourselves than saying a rude comments or else it will backfire to us unknowingly in worse manner.


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