Walk Your Talk And Word Of Honor

I heard some people boasting themselves with this phrase “I walk my talk”
Moreover, a question came to my silly mind “what if you will die now, how will you walk your talk”?

One person says, I am a man who has principle in life. I am a man having “word of honor”. That’s great sir, I admire people who honors and value their words and never missed to fulfill promises.
Here comes another proud man saying, “I walk my talk”. I do as I say and I will never ruin my reputation uncompromising.

They are not politician anyway, they are just

ordinary man having principles in life and keeping their heads up high with great honor and pride. No, they are not boastful; they only keep themselves a good example towards their home and family members. I did not say they are perfect ones; they are not superhuman as well. There are really people who thinks like them, keep their every words and value each word they spell like a sin once they did not fulfill.

Those people looks egoistic and proud, sounds hypocrite and even misunderstood. Though other people sees them doing

what they say, yet, the society still misjudged them for doing so. Often times, they are accused of “showing off”, or a temporary flame. Do you know someone who has same manner or principle like them? Are you one of those people who always value and honor their word and promises? Do you walk your talk also? On the other hand, maybe, you are one of those judgmental societies who never believe that there are people who do exists like them.
 We cannot judge them for being such, it is their principle, and it is their honor to fulfill, walk their talk, value and honor their word.

My question still clinging in my silly head:
What if you die later, an hour or when you sleeps, how will you fulfill those words you have just promised? Ok, it is just my silly mind, never mind.



6-12-2012 1:55am Tuesday

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