The Voices In The Darkness - A Poem

Have you ever heard the night calling your name in the midst of darkness and the sound of silence whistling the coldness of your breath? Listen to your senses and find what direction the wind might blew the spirit of gladness. Certainly there will be peace in every land of humanity.


Come and listen the sound of the darkness
And you will find some secrets of life unveiled
Walk through dreams where no one can take
Where firefly seldom appear in the night full of

Dimmed by misery lighted with agony


Run leave no footprints along the sand
Race with the shadow in a gloomy sunlight
Along the thorny roads of broken promises
Where blood spills on covers of stories that has no end
And judgment read every page without predicament



Hear the voices of the night from the land of deafness
Persuaded by curse, beliefs without faith
Embracing the force of fate spared from curses
A grinning smile sweetly humming a melody of grimace
Singing Halloween tune on New Year’s Eve



You are the voice curing all my senses
Inside my dreams calling out my name
Underneath the skies with magic spell
Until the sun rises behind the mystic mountain
Where glory hides the unseen mystery


2:02pm Wednesday



Article Written By juny

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