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Who says virtual friendship is not real
Published By juny on 2011-12-19 116 Views

Who says virtual world is not real, that people online are pretenders, cheat and bad. So beware when meeting someone you met online. I am so sorry for those who found internet people as fraud and dangerous ones.

Four years ago when I met my online friends from a social site called Orkut. It was simple, from hello, greetings and messages. We chatted, talks, have fun sharing activities about daily life. The turn around started on 19 October 2007 when one online friend decided to met me in person. She lives from a neighboring city just near my place. I can’t express what I felt that day the moment she appeared at my front door wearing a blue blouse with a sweet smile. I never thought meeting an online friend in person is so exciting and wonderful. We shared that wonderful event to other online friends and planned for a first reunion.

December 2007, the first reunion comes to reality. Online friends came, yes, most of us haven’t met each other in person and that day was our first meeting. Mind you, we never felt it was our first meeting. There is an unexplainable feeling of bonding, chemistry of undefined closeness that seems we know each other for a long time. We have games, exchanging gifts and token of friendship to seal our very first reunion and called our group “Orkuttian Philippines”

April 2008, the 1st Orkuttian Philippines anniversary was one of the most successful event of what they called virtual world of friendship. Our friends from other countries envy us for making this event a success, to prove that virtual world is real, with real people and not cheater or pretenders. Since then, we always celebrate our friendship and comes April 2012, we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary. Thu, there were times the original group is not complete still we are intact and new friends were added.

Now who says that virtual world is not real, that people from internet are pretenders and hypocrites? I am sorry for those victims of bad people from the net, yes, bad people from the net exists. So, guys, be careful and know the person well before trusting one!

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