In The Valley Of Broken Hearts

Have you ever been in the Valley of Broken Hearts? It’s not a place to heal or meditate, but a land hidden from the eyes of judgment. A place called Valley of Broken Hearts where every streets are named “I Love You”.

Talking about love, why do you think it is easier for some people to walk away with a broken heart rather than ending what they have started. Does the truth more scary than death, or, walking away without a word is comforting than saying goodbye. No relationship is an exceptional from heartaches, not even the most romantic lovers can be spared from any damages.Have you ever thought that an enchanting melody came from the savage heart of a great composer, and, the most wonderful phrase flowed from the shattered feeling of a well known poet. You don’t have to suffer

the same pain to taste someone’s sorrow, your tolerance level maybe not strong enough to hold even half the weight of thy misery. That makes love the most defined word of all time.

Any love story with a tragic ending eventually leaves a definite impression in our hearts. However, an unfinished love story perhaps is one of the most intriguing subject in the world of love. Imagine those lovers haunted by their past for so many years, a decade or half a century maybe. How could someone bear to keep a broken heart for such a long time, any idea? Who can figure out the pain from their eyes covered with a plastered smile? Maybe half of broken hearts are good enough to play “I am fine”, while half of them are too weak to find a new one. Love shouldn't be that cruel, unfortunately, some people seasoned with bitterness in it. You are the

author of your own story and let no other writer predict how your story shall end. Allow no one to borrow your pen, somebody might change your plot, neither by accident, or worse, by intention. Ask no one to hold your script either, someone might tear a page, or burn the entire of it. Now, that makes love the best selling story of the history.

You mayl find all the best reason of why being loved and lose is the sweetest thing that could ever happen to you in the Valley of Broken Hearts. Yes,maybe some people walk away after getting hurt, and never wish to say goodbye. Because, in their hearts, to love and lose is not to feel sorry. Losing someone you love could be the worse experience one could ever wish for. But, sometimes,your fingers may felt the numbness as your heart aches after writing a long love story. And, if that may happen,your pen then slipped from your hand unaware of a lost soul waiting for this chance. Nevertheless, that lost soul will took all the rights to continue your love story, and turned your tears of joy a sea of emptiness.Probably then, that is how the Valley of Broken Hearts exist in the midst of eternal promises and heavenly happiness. Where lost souls find love and peace while the others grieve.

April 09, 2015

Have you ever wandered through the darkest place in your heart and find some peace where troubled mind wishes to rest? Have you ever tried singing un-tuned melody of the past to find the answer of broken promises every made to break you apart.

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