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I am Juny your friendly neighborhood and a certified music lover. I am not a professional writer hence an artist by heart.
Writing gives me the opportunity to explore any hidden talent and recognize my abilities. I know there are many seasoned writers here in EC and even in other writing sites online. It does not matter whether I am good or not, my only wish is to share my thoughts using my own style and defined feelings. Thanks to my mentor who never give up on my shortcomings as well as to Expertscolumn for giving me the chance to

prove my competence.

I am here to write and not to chat, but please do not get me wrong guys I am not a snob.
I appreciate the chatbox for some reason but I choose to appear offline rather than using that busy sign. However, it seems EC does not allow me to hide from you guys because every time I open a new tab to check newly published article or visit a friend’s profile once again my status appeared “online”. This reminds me of my information details that come and go for the _th time, until I gave up updating leaving my profile page a blank sheet. Therefore, I decided to write my personal details here hoping this time it will remain intact - (read above).

In addition,

what about this chatbox again?

I know how useful the chatbox feature here in Expert especially for newbie who want to ask some question. There are two chat rooms here in EC, the “Public chat room and New Feature Request” to choose (depends on your query). I admit that I once use the chat feature to confirm with another EC writer about an unusual published article wherein the writer uses another kind of text. After the other EC writer confirmed that, it is against the guidelines I send the link to the Admin and reported the matter (that article already deleted by Admin, not sure, if that member was banned here).
Once again, sorry if there were times that I cannot respond to your greetings through chatbox dear friends. I am not ignoring anyone, trust me I am busy with other things and never intend to avoid any of you. I suggest that you leave me a message and that is one thing for sure I would not miss to check.


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