Untitled Poem

When heroes die, there is victory. When victory unfolds, there is mystery. When poets wrote there is a phrase. Phrases of praises showered the greedy partakers. Why should I honor the unworthy selfish beneficiaries? Therefore, this poem is untitled, as I have decided.


I met a faceless fear in the darkness
A handshake with inexpressible courage
I dance with the shadow of feisty warrior
Forlorn, deserted and broken ambition



travelled alone in a moonless dream
Walk through dry rivers of ghostly eerie
Passing empty tavern on historic elm
A stargazer I am with no name


Half the world I saw with white shades
Half of it red with blood sheet
Unrecognized heroes buried in tears

/> Shattered warriors inside burrows of death


The trumpets gone in one blow
The skies turn gray the morning after
Gunfire makes the thunder shied
Glittered with shrapnel on hapless daylight


When heroes die, there is victory
Where victory lies with mystery
Phrases of praises for greedy partakers
Why should I honor unworthy beneficiaries?


6-10-2012 1:29am Sunday 


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