Unique Funeral Party

This concept is from the 2009 movie “GET LOW” starring Robert Duvall and one of the Executive Producer of the said movie.



Robert Duvall plays the hermit Felix Bush, an old man who endures a 40-year self-imprisonment in a cabin in the woods. When he learned of the death of one of his old friends, he decided to stage his own live funeral party. Of course it’s not easy to conduct such a live funeral party and who wants to attend a live funeral party of a person who lives half of his life in exile and only few

young people knows him. Felix wanted to hear what his old friends wants to tell and what they know about his dark secret that only one person knows, and that one person dies 40 years ago.

Yes, he loves a married woman and on the night, they planned to run away, her husband accidentally killed her. Felix who is then waiting for her in their meeting place feels that there might be something wrong of her delayed went to her house and found the door open. He run

upstairs and saw her lying on the floor and down his knees, he cupped her with so much grief in his heart. Then came the husband and strikes Felix wanting to kill him also. Felix fought back and the gas lamp crushed bursting into fire. Felix was fortunate to jump from the window and watched the house in fire with horror. Rumors spread that he killed the couple but no evidence is there to prove the crime.
The live funeral party was successfully done, his long kept secret was revealed and after few days Felix died with peace and rumors about him was then cleared and gains his name respect in the end.

Isn’t this a good idea to know what other people think about you/me/us, hear them saying what they wanted to tell us while we are still alive. Would you dare try to have your own live funeral party?

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