Understanding A Text Messaging Addict

I wonder why youngsters are too addicted with this text messaging. So bad, it caused accidents and even cost a life being careless reading and sending text messages while walking or crossing the streets. Now, for the first time in my life I have done what I have never done in my life, texting for hours without interruption. Read further to understand why there are text addicts out there.

I do not like texting; I am too lazy typing into that small mobile keypad. Don’t tell me to use qwerty board, my phone is not that small actually and not a

Jurassic model either (lols). I just don’t like texting at all, maybe because I do not have text-mate. My loved ones and friend knows me when it comes to this, so they prefer to call me for important matter or send me a text message asking me to call them when it is urgent. I do not mind people who are addicted to texting, it’s not my money they are spending anyway and it’s not my business either. What makes me wonder is why some are too careless that caused accidents, worse incidents even cost their lives.

Texting is less expensive than calling and network providers are giving many offers to attract their customers mostly are youngsters who are text addicts. Watching people particularly teenagers; who keeps tapping their mobile phones while texting, makes me wonder if they do not get tired or their fingers do have callous

already. Well, today I came to understand one thing when it comes to texting; it’s tiring and makes my fingers numb. Yes, today I did a lot of texting because my boss asks me to send all reports through text messages. Do not ask me why I need to send it through text message when I can send through email. Goodness, I cannot ask my boss such question or I’ll get fired, so, all I can do is follow the instruction.

I marked this day, for the first time in my life I did texting for hours. I am not a secretary either, but this time I understand how stressful it is when your boss suddenly ask you to send reports, yes reports through text. Imagine copying pages, typing it to your mobile phone. What makes it more complicated; the report is a combination of words and numbers. I have to tap my mobile phone using enter character because names and numbers alignment should be neatly arranged by rows. After sending all the detailed reports, my boss called me and instructed to save all sent items for future references. Fine, it means I have to wait for another call and send reports again. Now, I do not like texting more than ever and won’t understand why people are addicted with texting.

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