Unceasing Love - A Poem

Is there any measuring instrument that can measure the depth of love and the width of understanding? Love is like a deep ocean that lovers cross or a mountain that lovers can move. There is no obstacle that a lover will not pass to reach the one he or she loves. Because love knows no boundaries and love is never afraid to dare death in any race.


I can hear the wind blows whispering my name as I watched the leaves sway,
I saw

you hands reaching to hug me my ever dearest.
Your voice is sweeter than my favorite love song that gives melody to my silent nights,
And rhyme with each and every beatings of my heart.


You laughter is louder than thunder and lighting,
Enough to drown my sorrow and pain.
Your gentle kiss and unceasingly love gently swept me with gladness.
And give me hope that true love comes once in every lifetime.



Your smile can erased every doubt inside my shady mind
Your touch can wash away every question hanging in the air
Because no one can make me feel this way
But you alone and you know it’s true.


Your stare shines like star across the sky mesmerizing deep in my soul.
Your breath entwined with mine as your body becomes mine.
And brings me to a place where angels dared to go with shyness but excitement.
Your unceasingly love filled me because our love is born to shine forever.


6-15-2012 1:49am Friday 

Article Written By juny

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