Types Of Dating

There are different types of dating, dating with someone special, dating with friends and dating with someone stranger.


Dating is exciting and full of surprises. It brings happiness and lasting memories with someone special, friends, and family or from a stranger.

There are different types of dating and here is some of it;

Group date- this kind of date suits for a group of friend who knows each other so that jealousy can be avoided in this situation. This kind of date is common with the young ones, the more the merrier is what they like.

Blind date- this is exciting and risky. You

don’t know who you are going to date till you met each other. The bad side of this is when you instantly fall with the person but he/she doesn’t feel the same. The worst part is, when he/she falls for you but you never found something interesting with him/her.

Online dating- a date with someone from the internet sounds ridiculous but manageable. Two people from different place dating through internet. This kind of date needs some creativity since both needs to set

each table, food and other things. Looks challenging too, imagine when one lost the internet connection or have a power failure that will surely end up the other person disgusted.

On the spot date- say you are in a party and all your friends have their own partner. All of a sudden a common friend introduces you to someone and both feel same sparks. You both agreed to become partner for the moment and the rest is history.

Date with a stranger- when you bump on someone and he/she falls down. To justify your apologies you ask the person for a coffee or drink and the small talks turns into invitation for the next date.


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