Two Types Of Single Mother

Being single and a mother creates a question about responsible parenthood. Being single and a mother does not mean a woman is not capable of dual responsibilities.

The two types of single mother are, a single woman who chooses to have a child disregarding the father. The second type of a single mother is, a woman with a child after divorce or separation. Both are single with different reason, both are mothers who stand strong for their kids. The first type of single mother looks disgrace for women’s dignity. Oftentimes they are tag as flirt, immoral and worse definition too sad

to mention. These single mothers have their own reason why they choose to have a child and raise alone without a partner. One good reason is, they cannot give up their freedom and be a housewife but they wanted to become a mother. They are misunderstood as flirt and immoral, but they don’t care as long as their child sees them as the best mother on earth.

The second types of single mothers are the common one. They are the fighter housewives who stands for their rights. The society always sees them as the loser after separation or divorce. But they society never knows how much courage a woman needs to accept

a broken vows. People look at them as selfish, as if they never consider their kids emotional battle with broken families. People can say everything they want, but they will never understand the struggle of a single mother. How she stand firm for what she believe is right and for the sake her children. A single mother acting dual responsibilities is not a joke, so how can anyone comment easily without thinking twice. They choose to be called that way than separated from their children.

Two types of single mothers that facing same fate from the judgmental society. Both are taking the dual responsibilities of parenting and both are trying to give their kids the best of love in this world. It is not having two parents that matters, but how much care and love a child feel. Which is better, a single mother who knows how to divide her time with her work and knows how to prioritize her kids, or two parents who puts their kids under child’s care because they are both busy with their career?

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