Trust Is Like Chocolate And Faith Is Like A Cake

Trust is like a chocolate that once it melts, you can never put it back to its original shape. Faith is like a cake; once cut, there lays the gap in between.

Once a chocolate melts, you can put it inside the fridge to prevent more mess. However, you can never bring it to its original shape, same thing with trust, once you have broken someone’s trust, you can never get a total assurance. Maybe trust is not enough to make every relationship last forever, but it is the main factor to make a relationship keep stronger. When there is trust,

there is no doubt, no question, no fear that someone might betray or cheat. When there is trust, there is a total assurance and complete confidence that a relations foundation is a concrete substantial. Trust needs extra care, not to break it, not to stain.


is different from faith; trust believes someone from deeds, while faith believes the unseen with hope. Trust is the main factor in every relationship, while faith exclusively defines a particular someone. Trust needs a proof, faith need not to be seen, trust should be guaranteed with action and faith does not need any justification. Faith is like a cake with a deceiving look that tastes like heaven. Just like an over- decorated cake with colorful icing, faith believes with someone who promised heaven and earth with flowery speech. However, once faith is lost it can never bring back any shape, as if a piece of cake once smeared it is a total useless. Faith needs not only extra care, but also proper handling because faith has no foundation and clings on a hanging cliff.

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