Travelers Of Love

We are the travelers of love on forgotten highways, condemned by fate cursed by destiny. Who will lead us from mourning path of empty roads where every lover wants to find immortality?


There is nothing left behind our story
Lost along the forgotten highway
Some are true but that was yesterday
Remembered by few who travelled the same way


I’d like to look for something to believe
Something to do with our

Tomorrow seems right if love is enough
To travel with us in the path of true love


Travelers of love who will lead us
Away from empty road far from mourning steps
Travelers of love let the spirit of hope guide the light
Where life worth living ahead waiting for us



What is future in store I don’t know where I’ve been before
All I know my life has meaning because you are here
Who travelled with me along with our destiny
Where lovers dare to finish before trying every obstacle


This is enough for me to care
So sweet to surrender where love begins
Free like a bird; rejoice like there’s no end
These travelers of love whose heart doesn’t know what is forbidden


3:10am Monday

Article Written By juny

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