Tragedies On Rainy Seasons, Blame Who?

Rainy season is long awaited by farmers around the world. Here in the Philippines the rainy season had just begun but instead of blessings, heavy rains give sorrow to different parts of the country


I remember during my childhood days when farmers are rejoicing when rainy season comes. Rainy season means money to every farmer here in our country but now it means tragedy to everyone. For the past years heavy rain falls caused a lot of tragedy, lost lives and damaged properties. Continues rain caused landslides in some parts of the country especially the hilly places. It is due to

deforestation and illegal quarrying. Heavy rains causes flood in low areas damaging crops, properties and claiming lives.


The main cause of these tragedies shall not be blame to heavy rains. The country

has longer rainy season than summer and these tragedies are lesser decades ago if compared today. Why, because people nowadays are too selfish and rude destroying the nature to satisfy their greed. These people are developers that crush the mountains, illegal loggers who cut the tress and illegal miners/quarrying everywhere. Too bad on the sight of tragedy they can’t even help themselves get out from those graves they dig and built for how many lives?


Too many lives wasted and billions of properties have been damaged, until when we will learn?




4:15pm Wednesday 

Article Written By juny

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