A Touching Reunion Of Mother And Daughter

There are so many touching stories with tragic endings from movies and in real life. So many that sometimes it becomes normal news to hear, but how it changes the life of the concern people is another story.

Julie is an only child of her single mother who is working in Egypt as caregiver to raise her. Julie witnesses the hardship and sacrifices her mother did to provide her a good life. Not actually, a luxurious life, but a better life compared to those homeless or street children with irresponsible parents. Soon as she finished her studies, she promised that it

is time for her to repay her mother’s love and care. Luckily, she got a job as a teacher in a government school, but her small salary is not enough to fulfill her dreams. She decided to apply for a work overseas and got a job as a nursery teacher in gulf country. She started her dreams by helping her mother to build a new house that her mother already started 5 years ago. She also plans for a big celebration just months before her vacation after working for two consecutive years away from home. In addition, she wants to give her mom a surprise after five years that they have not seen each other. However, a fire snatched all the hopeful dreams of a young dreamer.

Julie and her mother have not seen each other for 5 years since her mom started to

build their new house. On October 2012, Julie is about to come home and asked her mom to come home also for the house warming of their newly built house. Julie also wants to announce that her mother will stay home and quit working abroad. She wants her mom to enjoy her life now that she can afford to earn for their living. So many dreams, so many plans that she excitedly tells her aunt who is making all the arrangement back home. Tuesday, May 29, 2012 a fire broke from a shopping mall where Julie is working as a nursery teacher and killed 19 people with most kids in numbers. Julie made a call to her aunt in a desperate frantic voice begging for help suddenly the line cut shortly after. The next moment is full of silence; either her aunt or Julie’s mom cannot reach her phone.

Julie is coming home earlier than her planned vacation. She and her mom will reunite after 5 years of separation. There will be a big family reunion as per Julie’s plan. However, after the reunion everyone’s life will never be the same without Julie. Actually, this is not included in Julie’s plan and she never wish to wrap herself inside a box with a glass cover. FIN



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