Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You

No one holds tomorrow, no one knows if tomorrow ever comes. Therefore, I want to celebrate my love tonight, for you may never see me cry again and no one will remember a love that has no name.


Two hearts collide, locked in one soul
Two bodies, two lovers in one destination
Sharing one dream, sharing one desire
One mind travelling the path of unseen forever


Tonight let us celebrate a special bond

love that glows in the midnight darkness
Let the pale moon our sole witness
On the starless sky of jaded memories


We shall leave the world behind us
And discover how to turn friends into lovers
Where no one can find us holding hands
Leaving no trace in every mile that we step



Tonight I want to celebrate my love
I want to get close to you, near to you
That even air cannot pass through
And hope you can feel me deep inside of you


Let’s celebrate tonight differently from the other nights
Making things special the natural way
Tracing glory, saving every breath so sweetly
Before this night, forget a love that has no name


6-04-2012 11:00m Tuesday PT

Article Written By juny

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