Tips Before Meeting With Your Partnerís Parents

Perhaps one of your fears is meeting your partner’s parents and family. The thought of it gives you the idea of hot seat, not to mention the ambush interview from the relatives.

In love relationship there is one moment that you wish to avoid whether you are a girl or a

boy, and that is meeting with the parents. This is for those lovers who are not neighbors, family friends or living in a community where people know each other. That is far different when you don’t have enough idea about your partner’s family and relatives. Actually there is nothing to fear

because they won’t eat you alive, but the feeling is more than that right? If the thought of meeting the parents makes you restless how much more on the actual stage would you feel? Do you think you can carry yourself like a participant in a beauty contest who can manage to kick off butterflies?


So here are some tips that might help you,

? Be yourself- you don’t need to impress them, but you need to make them see who you are. Trying to exert some effort looks unnatural and in a way or another you might disappoint them.

? Observe –

don’t ask. From the surroundings alone you will find out what kind of family your partner has.

eg. Garden in front of the house, a little farm at the backyard, a painting, or a musical instrument on display
Make sure you won’t sound you know it all, from that point of subject you can start to build rapport with everyone.

? Answer what is asked and don’t try to look smart, it’s just a preliminary stage and hope for another visit unless you don’t want to prolong the relationship with your partner.

Some first meetings with the parents are successful and some are not. Disregard negative thoughts in the end it is you and your partner that matters most. Remember, you are not going to marry his/her family and you have all the time to win with them.


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