In Times Of Trouble Everyone Wishes To Be A Kid

No matter how mature you are once you are in trouble and everything seems hopeless unknowingly you wishes to be a kid and wanted to cry as loud as you can.


You think you are matured, you think you are professional; you think you are independent who can stand on your own? However, once you are in hopeless situation you will find yourself locked inside your room so no one can hear you crying. Perhaps you will come running home looking for someone to hear you cry and listen to your agony. No man can stand he is strong and indispensible.

Once he falls down, he cried himself in silent remembering his mother who is always there to defend or his father who is always there to support. Those were the days of childhood when you always seek comfort and security at home.

Now you are free, you can

fly as high as you want. You can soar to the highest level your eyes can reach by vision. You think you are always right and you are experienced enough to explore tracks of hidden mysteries? But when you lost your way, you bow down your head remembering your parents’ sermon that you hated the most. Somehow it reminds you how precious your mother’s nagging when you made mistakes. Probably you understand why your father’s punished you once in a while. Isn’t nice being a kid once again when you are too confused and how you wish you can be a kid even for a while to forget the misery of life.


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