Those Awkward And Annoying Moments While Using Your Computer

Have you ever felt the dumb side in you and instead of feeling annoyed you end up laughing at yourself after realizing you are not blonde?

Who says that blonds are dumb? Aw come on, admit it yourself you do not need to be blonde to be dumb- lols. Believe me you have done it too maybe unconsciously and be honest for no one will laugh at you, but everyone will. Yes, there was a moment in your life that you feel annoyed by your dumbness. Here are few examples of those awkward and annoying moments but funny too. Maybe you

haven’t experienced exactly any of these in real, but with almost the same incident.

Those awkward and annoying moments while using your computer:

>The moment you are waiting for that video in YouTube while buffering and you click refresh button.

>The moment you closed the browser instead of submit/post after writing a long comment for a topic you are participating with.

>or you closed the whole page instead of closing a particular window while waiting for you topic to be posted and you realize you forgot to copy the whole content.

>The moment when your mobile phone rings besides

you while you are doing research or working on your computer and you pick up the mouse to answer.

>The moment you send a response to a wrong person while chatting with few people/friends in Facebook.

>The moment you request for payment from your earning site and you submitted wrong email address/details for your payment processor.

>The moment you sent payment to a wrong email address and the amount was deducted from your account.

>The moment you sent a message to a wrong email address.

>The moment you check your recycle bin hoping to retrieve useful details and you found it empty.

Any additional experiences that made you laugh at yourself and rolled your eyes?

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