Those Awkward And Annoying Moments In Life Part 2

No one will admit their dumb moments but whether you admit it or not there are incidents in your life that you become one.

Don’t be shy; you are not alone who experienced those awkward and annoying moments. It just happened that it happens in you at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now let’s hear it from the others for sure they also have stories to tell with their experiences. So here are lists of common incidents that made them looks stupid.

Those common awkward and annoying moments;

>The moment you are taking pictures using your SLR and you forgot

to remove the lens cap.

>The moment you are in a rush and you realize you pick up your house key instead of your car key.

>The moment you throw your money bill instead of throwing the tissue. 

>The moment you use the feminine wash instead of shampoo.

>The moment you tap someone’s shoulder because he/she looks like someone you know.

>The moment you cannot hold your sneeze but you can’t find a tissue or your handkerchief to cover your nose. Then

that annoying slimy thing smeared on your face- lols

>The moment you sent a very personal text message to a wrong number /person.

>The moment an unexpected visitor arrived and your house is in a total mess.

>The moment you went outside and you realize you wear your dress the wrong side.

>The moment you open the door when someone knocks and you forgot you’re still wearing your face mask.

I am sure you have a long list of your own experiences too.


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