Things To Prepare This Rainy Season

The rainy season starts with tragedy here in the Philippines. It’s just barely a month since the rain starts pouring but damaged properties already reach a million pesos.


It’s just the start of rainy season but property damages already reached up to a million pesos. There is also news of casualties from different places due to flood, landslides and an accident caused by continues rain in the whole country. These tragedies are happening for the past years already, therefore, every citizen of the country are aware of this. But sometimes people ignore warnings and later blame the government. Everyone must be

responsible for each own lives and safety of their families. Stop blaming neither anyone nor the government. Be alert because no one knows when tragedy comes during this season of storm and typhoon. Here are few things that everyone must prepare during this rainy season.


1) Foods – try to stock some canned goods, easy to cook or instant foods like noodles, oats, biscuits and bread.

2) Potable water- keep extra container for safe drinking water.

3) Medicine and first aid kit- this is very important that everyone must have.

4) Money- have some cash on hand or withdraw some

if you have time. Especially when there is storm, no one can tell if get worse.

5) Emergency lights- prepare flashlights and extra batteries. If you have rechargeable lamps always keep it full charged. Avoid using candles; it usually causes another tragedy due to its fire.

6) Battery operated radio- if battery operated radio is not available then try to keep your mobile phone fully charge so in case there’s an electric power cut off you can use your mobile phone’s radio for any updates.

7) Prepare a water sealed bag and tuck few clothes in case of evacuation. No one knows when does calamity tells you to abandon your home. If you cannot find any water sealed bag, then try to secure clothes using plastic bags or containers.


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