They Are Sentimental People

People called them dramatic and maybe find them annoying sometimes. But they are the kind of people who doesn’t want to hurt the others in every possible way.


There are people who are tagged as sentimental fool that annoy the others because they seem to be dramatic all their lives. Maybe you find them dramatic and annoying but they are devoted people when it comes to love. They cherish every moment they shared with their loved ones and they appreciate every person who had been once a part of their lives. They are those kinds of people who never forget every

little help they receive. They gently speak because they do not want to offend anyone. They entertain everyone with kindness be it strangers or their loved ones. Those characteristics sometimes made them looks like a fool to other people who cannot understand their friendliness.


Other people assume that sentimentalists are lonely and solitary ones. What

most people don’t know about them is they have a heart full of memories. Sometimes they cry when they hear old songs that reminds them of people or relationships they had once in the past. Familiar faces and places made them travel back to memory lanes of childhood because their heart is the best storage where they can keep real emotions that a diary cannot relay. Yes, we can write events, occasions and special data on our diaries, but not any of us can write the exact emotion or feelings like how sentimental people saved it in their hearts. So next time you call them a fool, listen to their stories and you will understand the meaning of devotion.


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