There’s A Pain In My Heart

You are one of the best things that happened in my life and watching you go seems the darkest day of my life. There’s a pain in my heart that’s tearing me apart. But if this pain gives you happiness, willfully I set you free.


You’re not the same that I use to know and not because I am demanding. I know you need some space as I do. I have given you enough time but you never give me some time. I know I don’t need to ask since you said “friends don’t beg” but I don’t feel I am

neither an enemy you want to get rid. You want me to understand but I can’t feel my action’s appreciated. I keep some distant but it seems you want complete disappearance. I never ask too much and I know where I stand. You set my limitations that I never go beyond. It seems you’re not satisfied and you want to add more lines.


I love you I know it’s not enough. There is nothing more that I can give, because I have

given everything that you need. What else I haven’t done to prove it’s true or did I give too much that you can’t take one more kiss? I tried to ignore how your cold heart treat me like a dump because I thought my love can make you warm. I save all the tears that peep whenever I see you from a distant, so silent that I dare not to touch. I never wish to have you mine, I only wish for a little spare time. Every day with your is like talking to a stranger that I never knew. This gives me pain that I can’t explain and I can’t express why I have to bear.



2:04pm Tuesday

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