There Is No Sense In Going Back To Remember The Bad Times

In most broken relationships, the bad times flash more often than the good times. It seems out of all the good memories, people keep tracking the bad ones more than the good times.

They say the easiest way to forget someone who becomes a part of our life is to think of all the bad things about that person. Maybe it helps a lot but why even with great people who shared the best time in our lives we cannot avoid remembering the odd times. It seems that out of all the good memories in our lives, we cannot avoid tracking

down the painful roads that we once crossed. Have you ever thought that maybe because there comes a time, you tried to put things back together but it didn’t work? Maybe because you have regrets for not trying to keep it going over and over again or maybe because you have given up without trying anything at all.

Then, how can you be mad if you can’t remember well how good times turn bad?


happy days it seems that time runs so fast that we wish to extend another minute. But if we are suffering from bad times we felt that time stood still. We keep wishing for a happy event to last forever, but in real life oftentimes we remember bad memories when we are in sorrow. Why can’t we just throw away the bad things and keep the best memories lingers in our mind? Why don’t we stop bringing back the past, maybe then we can stop chasing shadows of negative thoughts. Maybe it’s the only thing that we haven’t tried to do? Because there is no sense in going back to the past only to remember the bad times rather than filling our memories with the best memories of our time.


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