Is There Happiness Behind Pain

Unknowingly we hurt our loved ones, through words or actions that we never intend to do. We never heard any complain; likewise, they keep trying to understand us, because they love us more than we ever knew.

Is there happiness behind pain? Have you ever asked yourself if you ever caused pain to your love ones through words or actions? There are times when you become irate that you have raised your voice. There are incidents that you become moody and unintentionally you have ignored or neglected your love ones. These kind of situations we never intent to do, but unknowingly

we did. Nobody wants to hurt his or her loved ones anyway, but it happens. Suddenly we feel the guilt, for we never heard them complain or see them cry. That is how love works inside the heart of someone who loves us sincerely. No whys, no ifs, no buts’, yet endure the pain with smile and happiness.

Now let’s spin the wheel and point the arrow towards you. If your loved ones caused you pain unintentionally, what will you do? Will you try to

understand the situation or you will do the same thing and hurt them back? Are you going to say sorry if you know that it’s your fault that made them ignore you, or you will ignore them and wait for them to approach you first? Did you ever feel happiness behind the pain caused by your loved ones? If you do, that means you understand why your loved ones never complain each time you hurt them unknowingly.

I am talking about pain caused unintentionally. This kind of pain is beyond our knowledge and oftentimes we only realized after someone opened up his or her mind. No matter how love wants to understand and embrace our fault, we must avoid abusing someone’s heart. Too much pain won’t give any more happiness, but might turn into hatred that we cannot melt no more. So, never let the pain remain in the heart of your loved ones, or else happiness will be gone forever.

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