Thank You My Up-line

I don’t know exactly how to say thank you to my up-line/referrer. Without my up-line who guided me, I won’t reach another hundred dollars in just two months here in Expertscolumn. Aside from that, without my up-line I won’t see the talent in me.


I dedicate this column to my referrer whom I prefer to call up-line, sounds networking right? Anyway, without my up-line I won’t be here. Without my up-line, I won’t earn two hundred dollars in eight months. I fairly admit that, if not because of my persistent nature, I should have earned a thousand instead of two hundred

dollars as of today. I am very grateful of my up-line who never gets tired of reminding me to exert more effort. Although there may be chances that my up-line also feels like giving up but because of kindness my up-line patiently added more endurance. What can I offer to repay such greatness, aside from thank you and acknowledgement? The willingness to help is immeasurable and I wish my up-line stays that way.


It maybe every day that

I receive an invitation or link to join an earning site, but it is not every day that it comes from a kind up-line. In many years of my online search, joining and registering to different earning sites that promise good income sad to say that I always ended up cheated, until I came to the verge of closing every opportunity. But, thanks to my mentor, online guide and up-line who save me from giving up. My up-line did not only show me how to earn, but taught me how to learn. To understand how cheaters uses the earning sites to catch their prey. Thanks to my up-line for helping me how to earn online, for giving me the chance to improve myself and obtain self confidence. Most of all, thanks for believing in me.


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