Tell Me Why Once Again - A Poem

When your heart is full of wonder where love went wrong and what make love fades, all you can do is cry your heart out. Crying is the easiest way to release the pain of unanswered question of a wonderer. Who can pick up the pieces of broken promises aside from the heart that never fails to understand?


Tell me where my heart goes, now that you are gone.
Tell me what will be my tomorrow, now that you have erased

our yesterdays.
Tell me about dreams, now that you have left with the future.
Tell me about promises, now that you broke my whole being.

Why, when the sun rises and shines in me.
Why, when this happiness brings smile

each day?
Why, when the world rejoices with me?
Why, when I found you and complete the emptiness of me.

I hope that once again I saw you.
I hope that once again let me hear your heart beat for me.
I hope that once again let me embrace you.
I hope that once again let me love you.


You left me suddenly with an orphaned heart, wandering in the darkness of misery.
Feeling the harsh of unflavored heartache; and tasted the savor of desperation.


6-12-2012 1:49AM Tuesday


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