Tell Me About Your Friends

Famous sayings are “tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who are you” and “birds of same feather flocks together”.

Birds of same feather flocks together, same like fishes of same specie swims together. Is there anything to debate on this matter, wasn’t science has given enough reason why such flock and school of fishes goes together with their same kind? Are you a bird, or a fish to compare yourself from those kinds? Fine, it is a saying and might be relevant or coincidentally happens. Take note “coincidence”, that is why it is considered as coincidence.

We are humans, we have our own freewill to choose, to decide whereas birds and fishes don’t have.

My friends do drink light and moderately (alcohol) but they are not alcoholic nor drunkard. They have it for fun and occasionally, not regularly. They never insisted for me to try or take a sip though they offer me one shot. They like going to club, dancing, having a girls weekend night out. They never

dragged me to tag along but they never fail to send me an invitation. Few of them smoke and always excuse themselves once they lighted one stick. They are my friends for 5 years, we missed to see each other everyday, yet we find time to meet together every week or two.

Within those years of acquaintance, none has influenced me to drink or smoke. None becomes like the other (who smoke or drink).Nevertheless, our friendship become stronger and keep us closer like real sister, considering each other as our own family without the blood compact. I beg to disagree with the saying “tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who are you”. True friends will never throw you away when you refused to dance with them, instead, they will allow you to watch them dance and be their critic.

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