Tell Me What It Is Like To Fall In Love Again

Who can tell when, where and with whom you might fall in love again? Only time holds the definite answer and when that right time comes, will you deny it?

Falling in love is not a strange feeling to me anymore. I was there once in my life, I love, loved and lost. Love is the sweetest thing I know that we cannot literally taste and the bitterest experience no one ever wish. What is like to fall in love? It is a heavenly feeling and feels like walking above the clouds. And what is like to lose? It is like

living in hell on earth with all the clouds burning beneath your feet.

I bless the day I have fallen in love and condemned the time I had fallen out of the feeling. Even promised never ever to fall in love again and buried the past with the word love in oblivion. It was long ago I live with peace and learned that there is a better life being a loser. Was there

any fulfillment? Absolutely there is, I never thought I could face the world hiding all the pain inside wearing a mask called a smile.

And what is this emptiness?

Something is missing but I can hardly recall. Can this be love? I am not sure of this feeling somehow. I know what it is like to love and lose, but I am not certain of this emptiness bothering me when you are not around. I feel so helpless whenever you are near and a voice inside me asking to speak out. I haven’t tried reopening my world to discover how it is like to be loved again. I do not want to expect because I am not ready to fail. So tell me please what it is like to fall in love again.


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