Tears Of Broken Dreams - A Poem

“Tell me lies and love me always, than hurting me with truth and leaving me forever”


White lie is sometimes good to save a pure heart that’s full of innocence. In this world full of cheat and hypocrisy, a lie will surely save some tears from a child. A lie may save a crucial life from a dying hope from this unruly world. A lie can either make someone wish or break someone’s dream.


I believed without questioning
I have faith without fear
I hold on without clinging
That you will be there



In the dark you are my eyes
In my solitude you are my shadow
In my sorrow you are my laughter
You filled every emptiness with colorful joys


I live for you because you made me feel so
I wanted

you because you made me feel empty without you
I hope for you because you made me see the light
I waited for you because you showed me the way
But I lost you midway without any caution


You are my dream my hopes I claim
You are my reason my life I share
You are my sunshine my night I pray
You are my death my grave I lay
My destiny but you walked away.



6-14-2012 1:53am Thursday 

Article Written By juny

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