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Teacup dogs are not recognized by any dog reputable dog registries. So, before buying one, consider to check the risk of your money as well as the animal’s welfare.

Teacup dogs are not same as toy dog. The standard size of toy dog ranges from 4 to 7 pounds, thus teacup dogs are too small that you can carry at the palm of your hand. Teacup dogs are very popular for their extra ordinary small size; their size makes them looks so adorable. However, one page in Facebook shared by a friend gives me this awareness “not to promote these cute

puppies as pets”. I have come to know that these tiny pups are not supposed to become a pet and should not be patronized either. These tiny puppies are pre-mature dogs and too fragile.

Teacup dogs are not recognized by major and any reputable dog registries because these dogs are born prematurely. This process was never allowed by the dog registries, risking the health of these animals. They are prone to health problem such as heart failure, dental problem, behavioral and temperamental problem, and various complications. This makes their lifespan short. So,

before you buy one, mind to check the truth behind these tiny adorable pets. Dogs as pets need love and proper care; they are not a thing just to own like accessory. Dogs are supposed to be companion, a friend, a guard and protector. I never thought there is so much risk behind these cute puppies.

Here are some of the health risks; these health problems are due to it’s pre-mature birth.

>Distorted teeth- they do not have teeth that evolve to fit inside their mouth.
>Collapsing Trachea- their bones are so fragile that they can be broken by simply jumping from a couch
>Luxating Patellas- genetic disease that causes the kneecap to dislocate.
>Hydroencyphaly- refers to “water on the brains” that can cause trauma, stroke and death.
>Hypoglycemia- occurs primarily due to premature birth between 6 and 12 weeks of age. Puppies with severe drop in blood sugar develop seizures and go into coma. Death can follow.

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